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Set-up your email account at JHU by following the steps below:

1.    Visit

2.    Login to the portal using your JHED ID and password. (If you do not know your JHED ID and/or your password, please review our JHED Instructional Guide.)

3.    You will be prompted to accept the Office 365 Terms of Service. Scroll to the bottom to accept.

4.    Click on the Office 365 icon on the left side of the portal page (this appears under Messaging).

5.    Then select your preferred language and time zone.

If you don’t plan to check your Johns Hopkins e-mail account on a regular basis, please consider e-mail forwarding.  Most faculty are restricted to communicating to students using their JHU email account and we ask the same of the students so as not to miss important information related to the program and courses.

Here are the steps you need to take to forward your new e-mail account to another e-mail address if you choose to do so.

1.    Follow the instructions (above) for setting up your e-mail account.

2.    Then, from the Office 365 web application, go to the Settings icon at the top and select Options.

3.    Under Shortcuts, select Forward Your E-mail.

4.    Then select the Connected Accounts tab.

5.    Scroll down to Forwarding and enter your other e-mail address in the field marked Forward my e-mail to: _______.

6.    Then click on Start Forwarding.

For more information, please visit the Johns Hopkins University Information Technology department website where they include additional instructions and tips regarding Office 365 e-mail accounts.

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